Xbox Dead or Alive "Kasumi-chan" Clear Blue set with XboxHD+ and 128mb RAM


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system (inside/outside)
- Cleaned controller (outside)
- Region Free system (OpenXenium)
- XboxHD+ kit installed (HDMI port on the back)
- Cleaned/regreased DVD Driver (Thomson)
- 500Gb 7200RPM Hard drive (with Startech IDE to Sata Adapter + 80pin IDE cable)
- Extra 64mb RAM installed (for a total of 128mb)
- Clock capacitor removed (to avoid leak)
- Big capacitors next to the GPU/CPU have been replaced
 (by Panasonic/Nichicon high quality capacitors)
- New Thermal paste on GPU and CPU (Arctic MX-4)
- Extra Heatsink installed on the Xbox MCPX southbridge chip
- Tested

- 1 Xbox system
- 1 Controller
- 1 AC cable (100〜127V system)
Dead or Alive Ultimate (Japanese versions, Dead or Alive 1 and 2 in case with instruction manual)
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Japanese version, in case with instruction manual)

- A HDMI cable is required (not included).
- Press the Eject button at boot to open the OpenXenium menu.
- Press and hold X and A buttons during the Xbox bootup animation to open the XboxHD+ settings menu.
- In-game reset : press L + R + back + start (or right black button) at the same time to reboot to the dashboard.

See pictures for system, controller, and softs condition.