SHARP Twin Famicom set (AN-500R) with NESRGB kit


- Used condition
- NESRGB (Version 4.1) installed
- All capacitors have been replaced (by Nichicon/Panasonic capacitors) in the system and in the AC adapter
- Disk System belt replaced (by high-quality replacement belt)
- Audio board resistor replaced 
  (to fix low level audio output)
- Cleaned system and controllers
- System and controllers tested with Nintendo Test Program

- 1 SHARP Twin Famicom AN-500R (Japanese version) in box
- 2 attached Controllers
- Instruction manual and guarantee card (expired, with matching serial number)
- 1 AC Adapter (genuine, 100V)
- 1 RGB cable (EuroSCART, third party)
- 1 Composite cable
- 1 RF converter (cannot be used anymore, RF plug is used for RGB cable)
- The Legend of Zelda (japanese version, in case with instruction manual)
- Metroid (japanese version, in case with instruction manual)
- Super Mario Bros 2 (japanese version, with instruction manual, B-side: Ice Hockey)
- Unofficial floppy disk (A-side: All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros, B-side: FMC Disk Card Checker 1.3)

About NESRGB :
- Latest version (version 4.1) of Tim Worthington's NESRGB video upgrade.
- Works with RGB and Composite cables.
- Six built in palettes, selectable via the controller.
In Game Reset, to reset the console with a controller button combination.

Button combinations:
- Start+Select+Right : Increment palette counter
- Start+Select+Left : Decrement palette counter
- Start+Select+Right (hold for 2 seconds) : Set back to palette 1
- Start+Select+A+B : In Game Reset
- Start+Select+Left (hold for 2 seconds) : Disable/enable NESRGB board

See pictures for system, controllers and softs condition.