Sega Saturn set with Fenrir ODE kit - FRAM memory with RGB cable


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controllers (inside/outside)
- Fenrir ODE kit installed
- FRAM memory installed
- System battery changed (CR2032)
- Tested


- Saturn system (Japanese version (60hz))
- 2 Controllers
- 1 AC cable (third party, brand new, 100V system)
- 1 RGB Cable (Euro SCART, third party, brand new)
- 1 4MB Ram Cartridge (Official SEGA)
- 1 Power Memory Cartridge (Official SEGA, yellowed case) 
- 1 Micro SD card 64GB (Brand new, Sandisk)

- The FRAM chip will allow the system to save your games for up to 45 years.
- A CR2032 battery is still required for the clock (to avoid clock set screen on boot-up)

See pictures for system and controllers condition.