Panasonic Q System (SL-GC10) - compatible US/JP


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system
- New drive rails (High quality 3D printed parts in white nylon plastic)
- New tray belt
- New internal clock battery
- Regreased Fan
- Press and hold "Game Reset" button to switch between USA (blue power LED) and Japanese region (red power LED)
- Tested

- 1 Panasonic Q (SL-GC10) system (NTSC system)
compatible with USA and Japanese games
- 1 AC Cable (3rd party cable, 100V system)
- 1 Composite cable  (3rd party, brand new)

- Game Cube memory cards can only be formatted for either USA or Japan region.
You will need two memory cards, one for saving USA games, another for saving Japanese games.
- DVD Video Player function is region locked (Japan, region 2).
- The power LED does not light up in DVD Video Player mode.

Region switch instructions:
- Turn the system ON, press and hold "Game Reset"
- Release when the LED is blue for USA region, or release when the LED is red for Japan region
- Press the Power button to turn the system OFF and turn it ON again
- The system is set to the chosen region and will stay set to the same region until you change it again.

See pictures for system condition.