Orange Gamecube System - with GC Dual kit and JP/US switch

- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controller
- Internal battery replaced (new battery in a slot)
- Tested

- 1 Gamecube system in box with GC Dual video board installed
Mini HDMI plug on the back of the system) 
plays USA and Japanese games
with a switch on the back of the system
- 1 Controller
- 1 AC Adapter (100V)
- 1 RGB (CSYNC) cable (SCART or JP21, third party)
- WaveRace Blue Storm (Japanese version, complete in box)

About GCDual:
- Latest version of the kit (v5.3)
- RGB signal on multiout port
- Professional installation with clean cut on the back of the system for the Mini HDMI plug

- A HDMI>Mini HDMI adapter or a HDMI to Mini HDMI cable is required (not included)
- GameCube memory cards can only be formatted for either USA or Japanese.
You will need two memory cards, one for saving USA games – another for saving Japanese games.

See pictures for console, controller, box and soft condition.

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