Nintendo 64 set with N64RGB kit - compatible with JP and US games


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controller
- Tested

- 1 N64 in box (cartridge slot compatible with Japanese and US games)
   with the latest version of Tim Worthington's RGB video board.
   (switch to enable "de-blur" feature on the back of the system)
   Works with RGB and S-Video cables.
- 1 Controller
- 1 AC Adapter (100V)
- 1 RGB Cable (SCART or JP21, third party, brand new)
- Diddy Kong Racing (complete in box)

- Composite cable cannot be used anymore on this system.
- Not compatible with CSync RGB cable, or Super Nintendo PAL SCART cable.
- "de-blur" feature effect is quite light, and mostly visible on 2D graphics.

See pictures for system, controller, soft and box condition (click on pictures to enlarge).

RGB Cable