NESRGB Modded AV Famicom with Disk System set


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- Used condition
- Cleaned Systems and controllers
- Tested

- 1 AV Famicom (Japanese version)
   modded with Tim Worthington's NESRGB video upgrade
   (switch to 3 different color palettes on the back of the system)
   Works with RGB, S-Video and Composite cables.
- 1 Disk System (in box, driver belt changed)
- 1 RAM adapter
- 1 Controller
- 1 AC Adapter (3rd party, 100-240V)
- Golf (cartridge only)
- Spartan X (cartridge only)
- Ninja JaJaMaru-kun (cartridge only)
- F-1 Race
  (in box with jacket, no instruction manual)
- 1 disk : Face A : Bomberman
               Face B : Super Mario Bros. 2
  (in box, no jacket nor instruction manual)

Requires a RGB cable or another video cable (not included).

Disk System requires 6 C-cell batteries or an AC adapter (not included)

See pictures for systems, controller, softs and box condition (click on pictures to enlarge).