NESRGB Modded AV Famicom full set


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- Used condition
- Cleaned Systems and controllers
- Tested

- 1 AV Famicom (Japanese version, in box)
   modded with Tim Worthington's NESRGB video upgrade
   (switch to 3 different color palettes on the back of the system)
- 2 Controllers
- 1 AC Adapter (100V) in box
- 1 RGB cable (JP21) in box (capacitors changed)
- Instruction manual (with same serial number)
   and warning notice
- Hoshi no Kirby (loose)
- Bomberman (loose)

- 1 Disk System (in box, inside belt changed)
- 1 RAM adapter
- Video cable extension
- 1 AC Adapter (100V) in box
- Instruction manual (with same serial number),
   information and warning notices
- 1 disk : Face A : Super Mario Bros 2
                Face B : The Goonies

The RGB cable is for JP21 (Japanese 21 Pin) plug only,
it is not compatible with European SCART plug.

See pictures for systems and controllers condition (click on pictures to enlarge).