Dreamcast set with DCDigital HW2 and GDEMU


- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controller (inside/outside)
- Brand new system shell (third party parts with box)
-All capacitors of the PSU (power board) have been replaced (by Panasonic/Nichicon high quality capacitors)
- GDEMU tray installed
- Resistor added to 12V voltage on power supply (to avoid overheat due to the GDEMU)
- Internal battery replaced (by Diode+CR2032 battery in a slot)
- Controller port fuse replaced
- Regreased fan
- System LED replaced by a white LED
- Tested

- 1 Dreamcast (VA1, japanese version) with DCDigital HW2 video board installed (Mini HDMI plug on the back of the system) and clone GDEMU (latest version v5.20.5)
- 1 Controller (Official Sega)
1 AC cable (100V system)
- 1 vibration pack

About DCDigital (DCHDMI):
Official DCDigital HW2 (latest version) kit created by PixelFX.
- Kit has been updated to latest firmware
- Professional installation with clean cut on the back of the system for the Mini HDMI plug
- Online guides and documents

- A HDMI>Mini HDMI adapter or a HDMI to Mini HDMI cable is required (not included)

- A SD card is required for the GDEMU (not included)

See pictures for system and controller condition.