Daiei Hawks Nintendo 64 set with N64RGB kit - compatible with JP and US games + Station Rack


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controller
- Non-volatile FRAM installed in the Controller Pak (Permanent save without battery)
- Tested

- 1 N64 (Japanese version, cartridge tray modified to be compatible with all North America and Japan games)
  with N64RGB board installed
- 1 Expansion pak (official Nintendo, set in the N64 instead of the jumper pak)
- 1 Controller
  (Tight thumbstick, cleaned and greased)
- 1 AC Adapter (Japan, 100V)
- 1 RGB cable (Euro SCART, third party)

- Super Mario 64 - Shindou edition (Japanese version, in box with instruction manual)
- 1 Controller Pak (FRAM chip installed)
- Super Smash Bros. (Japanese version, cartridge only)
- 1 Rack station in 2 parts with wheels (scratches but no crack, the middle drawer is for a Super Famicom system)

About the N64RGB:
- N64RGB kit by Tim Worthington
- Kits has been flashed with Borti firmware (in-game reset and activate/deactivate deblur by button combination)

See pictures for system, controller, soft and rack condition.