Clear red Nintendo 64 in box set with ULTRA HDMI kit - compatible with JP and US games


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controllers
- Tested

- 1 N64 in box (cartridge tray modified to be compatible with all North America and Japan games)
  with the latest version of UltraHDMI video board installed (Mini HDMI plug on the back of the system)
- 1 Controller
  (Tight thumbstick, cleaned and greased)
- 1 AC Adapter (100V)
- Instruction manual (with matching serial number) and warning notice
- 2 Controllers in box with instruction manual
  (Tight thumbstick, cleaned and greased)
- 1 Expansion pak in box with instruction manual and eject tool
  (set in the N64 instead of the jumper pak)
- 1 Rumble pack in box with instruction manual 

- Yoshi's Story (Japanese version, in box, instruction card is missing)
Kirby 64 (Japanese version, complete in box)
- 1 Print-out of RetroActive's official UltraHDMI Quick Start guide

About UltraHDMI:
- UltraHDMI kit from RetroActive (by Marshall H)
- Kit is brand new with latest firmware (version 1.08)
- IGR (In-Game Reset) feature installed
- Professional installation with clean cut on the back of the system for the Mini HDMI plug

- A HDMI>Mini HDMI adapter or a HDMI to Mini HDMI cable is required (not included)

See pictures for system, controllers, softs and box condition (click on pictures to enlarge).