Boxed NESRGB Modded Twin Famicom set (AN-500R)

- Used condition
- Disk System belt replaced
- Audio board resistor replaced
  (to fix low level audio output)
- Cleaned system and controllers
- System and controllers tested with Nintendo Test Program

- 1 Twin Famicom AN-500R (Japanese version) in box,
   modded with Tim Worthington's NESRGB video upgrade
   (switch to 3 different color palettes on the back of the system)
- 2 attached Controllers
- 1 AC Adapter (100V)
- 1 RGB cable (JP21 or SCART, third party)
- Ice Climber (cartridge only)
- Wrecking Crew (cartridge only)
- Super Mario Bros (Face A) / Super Mario Bros. 2 (Face B) (disk with cover)
- Doki Doki Panic (disk without cover)

See pictures for system, controllers, softs and box condition (click on pictures to enlarge).

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