Boxed Derby Stallion Skeleton Sega Saturn set - Region Free + FRAM Memory


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controller (inside/outside)
All the capacitors of the PSU (power board) have been replaced (by Panasonic/Nichicon high quality capacitors)
- Region Free Bios installed
- FRAM memory installed
- System clock battery changed (CR2032)
- Tested

- Saturn system in box (Japanese version (60hz))
- 1 Controller
- 1 AC cable (100V system)
- 1 Composite AV cable
- 1 RGB Cable (Euro SCART, third party, brand new)
- 1 Modem (HSS-0148)
- Virtua Fighter Remix Seganet version (Japanese version, in case with instruction manual)
- Virtua Fighter Remix (Japanese version, in case with instruction manual)
- Daytona USA Circuit Edition (Japanese version, in case with instruction manual)

- The FRAM chip will allow the system to save your games for up to 45 years.
- A CR2032 battery is still required for the clock (to avoid clock set screen at boot-up).
- The Modem is untested (SegaNet service is over).
Virtua Fighter Remix SegaNet version need the modem inserted to boot but is not playable (A message asking to set up the Modem is displayed)

See pictures for system, controller, softs and box condition.