BioHazard Code Veronica Dreamcast set (Claire version) set - Region Free


- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controller
-All capacitors of the PSU (power board) and the GD-drive have been replaced (by Panasonic/Nichicon high quality capacitors)
- Internal battery replaced (by Diode+CR2032 battery in a slot)
- Controller port fuse replaced
- Region free bios installed
Regreased driver and fan
- Tested

- 1 Dreamcast (VA1, japanese version with region-free bios)
- 1 Controller
- 1 VMU (top cap is missing)
- 1 AC cable (100V system)
- 1 Composite Video cable (official SEGA)
- Zombie Revenge (Japanese version, in case with instruction manual)

- Limited edition number 716 (of 1800 units).

See pictures for system, controller and soft condition. 

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