NESRGB (V4.1) AV Famicom set with FDSKey and NES adapter


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controllers(inside/outside)
- All capacitors have been replaced (by Nichicon/Panasonic capacitors)
- Voltage regulator has been replaced (by STMicroelectronics L78S05CV)
- System tested with Nintendo Test Program
- NESRGB (Version 4.1) installed
- LED inside the power button (attached using 3d printed parts) and connected with QSB created by FragolRoc
- Controller “port 2” modified to make it compatible with the NES Zapper

- 1 AV Famicom (Japanese version) in box
- 2 Controllers
- Instruction manual (serial number is matching the system)
- 1 AC Adapter (100-240V, third party, brand new in box)
- 1 RGB Cable (Euro SCART, third party, brand new)
- 1 Famicom Disk System RAM Adapter
- 1 FDSKey
- 1 Cartridge converter for NES (third party, brand new)
- Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (Japanese version, cartridge only)

About the NESRGB :
- Latest version (version 4.1) of Tim Worthington's NESRGB video upgrade.
- Works with RGB, S-Video and Composite cables.
- Six built in palettes, selectable via the controller.
In Game Reset, to reset the console with a controller button combination.
- Ground connection removed in the multiout plug to avoid any “jailbar” issue.
- QSB created by FragolRoc used for a clean installation on the multiout plug.
- Expansion Audio mod (mixed through the Famicom cart) done.

Button combinations:
- Start+Select+Right : Increment palette counter
- Start+Select+Left : Decrement palette counter
- Start+Select+Right (hold for 2 seconds) : Set back to palette 1
- Start+Select+A+B : In Game Reset
- Start+Select+Left (hold for 2 seconds) : Disable/enable NESRGB board

About the FDSKey :
- Famicom Disk System drive emulator with OLED screen created by ClusterM
- 3D printed case
- More info and instructions here
- A MicroSD card is required (not included)

See pictures for system, controllers, and software condition.

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