Mega Jet - Compatible with US and JP games + RGB cable


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- Used condition
- Cleaned system and controller (inside/outside)
- Compatible with US and JP cartridges (NTSC 60hz)
- Tested

- Mega Jet system (NTSC 60hz)
- 1 Controller
- 1 AC adapter (100V)
- 1 RGB Cable (Euro SCART, third party, brand new)
- Sonic (Japanese version, cartridge only)
- Sonic 2 (Japanese version, cartridge only)
- Golden Axe (Japanese version, cartridge only)
- Bonanza Bros (Japanese version, cartridge only)

- The system is set in US 60hz mode (plays USA cartridges without doing anything).
- To play Japanese region locked cartridges : Press the MODE button (on the right side of the system) at power up and hold it until the game title screen.

See pictures for system, controller, and softs condition.

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