Gran Turismo Sport

January 06, 2018

Gran Turismo Sport is a "spin-off" of the famous racing series created by Polyphony Digital, and the first Gran Turismo on the PS4.

Launch Trailer:

*Tested on a PS4 Pro.

- Gran Turismo on PS4!
- Gorgeous graphics
- 60fps (solid on PS4 Pro)
- Improved driving physics
- Clean interface
- Free updates with new modes, cars, tracks...

- Internet connection required
- Had to wait for updates to have "GT League" mode and classic tracks
- Now I want a PSVR...

Gameplay Video:


Bonus 1:
Lewis Hamilton driving a time attack on the Nürburgring

Bonus 2:
"KAZ" a documentary about Gran Turismo series and his creator : Kazunori Yamauchi